Don’t use her toothbrush, close the door when you go to the bathroom, and if you use the last of anything, replace it!

Those are the rules when it comes to bathroom etiquette in relationships for Niecy Nash. We broached that topic with the Emmy-nominated actress because she’s partnered with Charmin to help launch a BRB (Be Right Back) Bot. It’s a digital AI-powered twin that swaps out your live video feed when you’re on Zoom calls so you can “enjoy the go” without anyone knowing you’ve stepped away from your meeting.

“They’ve walked us through it. Showed us out to create the bot, how it would actually function for you. And essentially it’s like having your doppleganger, if you need to step away from the computer, to stay there, looking like your gorgeous self,” she says. “It can smile, it can nod. And then you just come right back and get back to business after you finish handling your business.”

The bot, which is in the beta stage and on the way, got Nash and ESSENCE talking about bathroom behaviors in relationships, which is something many have had to face as the pandemic lifted the veil off of many people’s less than flattering habits. What’s worked for the star and “hersband” Jessica Betts is separate bathrooms.

“I think it’s the only way to stay married,” she says. “I don’t know why people would even pretend otherwise.”

Nash won’t even select a hotel without separate accommodations.

“Oh I love it,” she says. “Even when I travel, I won’t even book a hotel room unless it has either two full bathrooms or a full bath and a powder, because I need my space.”

As she put it, there’s something to leaving some mystery to things. It’s allowed her and Betts to stay in the honeymoon phase longer.

“I used to worry about the seat being left up! Not no more,” she joked, before getting real about how they’ve kept the fire going as they approach a year of marriage. “This might seem weird but I feel like we constantly date. And I don’t mean like, put on nice clothes and go outside date. She might come in my office and say, ‘You want to meet me at the pool for a drink at 5 o’ clock?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, I sure do.’ Or I might go in and say, ‘I’m [going to] make a bubble bath at 8 if you care to join.’ ‘Of course I want to come.’ We’re always inviting each other to little experiences that collectively add up.”

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