We were just minding our business, doing our morning scroll through Instagram and then boom – here comes our good sis Nicki Minaj with a video that made our day before it even started!

The rapper, who just announced her pregnancy last week, hopped on the ‘gram to celebrate her new song “Move Ya Hips,” which she’s currently featured on alongside A$AP Ferg and MadeinTYO. In the adorable video, Minaj sits cross-legged on a bed in a two-piece outfit. Her growing baby bump is on full display while the rapper looks gorgeous as ever.

Pregnancy clearly is not going to prevent the Queen from slaying our timelines. Yes, mama!

Nicki Minaj revealed her pregnancy last week with a colorful photoshoot, but eagle-eyed fans were already suspecting she had a bun in the oven weeks before this. Some fans believed she was hiding her baby bump in the video for her recent song “TROLLZ.” Back in May, the head Barb in charge was also tweeted about her cravings after a fan asked if she had been cooking in quarantine. Steak, shrimp, cheeseburgers and jalapenos were some of her favorites at the time.

At the time, she also confirmed to a follow that she’d post a baby bump photo when the moment was right.

Keep the adorable maternity moments coming, Queen!

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