Have you ever met someone special and loved everything about the person except their family? Did it take you and your spouse’s family a long time to get on board with the relationship? If you answered yes or one or both, then you’ll definitely appreciate OWN’s new unscripted reality series Family or Fiancé, premiering Saturday, March 9 at 10PM ET/PT.
In the trailer for this spicy new show produced Bunim-Murray Productions (makers of The Real World and Project Runway), eight engaged couples bring both of their families under one roof for some intense healing and truth telling.  Some of these couples have never introduced their significant other to their families. The ultimate goal will be to break down communication barriers and get to the root of divisive family conflicts that plague the relationship. You can definitely expect there to be tears, drama and most importantly, resolve.


At the heart of the series is relationship expert Tracy McMillan, who is the guiding voice of reason mediating between the couples and their families. You’ll see her challenge them to work through their issues and unpack their differences so that the newlyweds-to can continue their journey to the altar stress-free. Once the third day rolls around, the couple will be asked to decide if they’re ready to say, “I do” with or without the blessing from their families. Take a peek at the juicy trailer below:   Don’t miss the premiere of ‘Family or Fiancé’ on Saturday, March 9, at 10/9c.    

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