NBA Player J.R. Smith’s Wife Writes Touching Blog To Thank Him For His Love

Cleveland Cavaliers star J.R. Smith and his wife Jewel Smith recently celebrated the homecoming of their newborn daughter Dakota.

Prior to bringing Dakota home, the couple spent the last five months visiting their daughter in a neonatal intensive care unit after she was born in January weighing just one pound.

Jewel has documented Dakota’s process on her blog and recently shared a post dedicated to her husband.

In her post, Jewel gives the baller his flowers and thanked him for being her husband. She shares her thoughts about their journey, the trials they’ve faced since they first started dating in 2007, their time apart and how they found their way back to each other years later.

“We grew stronger and when the man above saw fit, he sent you back to get me when HE knew I needed you most. Thank you for returning with the I will not take NO for an answer mentality to repair your family back together…the right way!” Jewel wrote.

Smith was a notorious bachelor during his New York Knick days, but the mother of his three children revealed what she sees in her husband that the rest of the world doesn’t get to see.

“I see a man who deserves to be unconditionally loved and treated with dignity and respect. I see a man who through the midst of ALL OF HIS PERSONAL STORMS AND ADVERSITIES has held on and pulled through. I see a man who is not only the crutch for our family, but many others as well. When I look at you, your outer shell becomes invisible and all I see is your heart…a beating heart.”

J.R. and Jewel will be celebrating their one-year anniversary on August 8.