Mother/Daughter Duo Vashti and Joi-Marie McKenzie Talk God, Dating & Sex
Scott Eells

As close as many mothers and daughters can be, there is still so much to learn about each other. 

When Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, the first female bishop of the AME Church, and her daughter Joi-Marie McKenzie, we surprised them with questions to ask one another.

The mother and daughter have plenty in common as they both celebrate the release of new books, The Big Deal of Taking Small Steps to Move Closer to God by the Bishop and The Engagement Game, Joi-Marie’s memoir that tells all on her dating adventures in hopes of getting engaged.

So what did Mama McKenzie have to say to her baby girl on finding lasting love?
“Be a friend first. Relationships last longer when they are built on love and friendship.”

And did Joi-Marie feel pressured growing up with a prominent woman as her mother? “Yes! Because people would say ‘you’re going to be just like your mom’ but I wanted my own identity.”

Our favorite part was the mother and daughter talking about their differing point of views when it comes to sex. You will have to watch to see this classic mother/daughter moment.