Missouri Becomes Third U.S. State to Mandate 72-Hour Wait For Abortions
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In the most recent blow to women’s rights in the U.S., women living in Missouri who decide to terminate a pregnancy will now have to consult a doctor first and wait at least 72-hours to do so.

The new bill will increase the mandatory waiting period for a woman to have an abortion to 72 hours, from 24, and will not make any exceptions for situations involving rape or incest. It was passed late Wednesday night in the state Capitol in Jefferson City and will take effect next month, reports the The New York Times. Republicans control the Missouri legislature, and the passing of the bill now means that Missouri has one of the most severe waiting periods for women seeking abortions in the country.

The only other states that require 72-hour waits are South Dakota and Utah. Although Utah allows exceptions for rape or incest, in South Dakota, weekends and holidays do not count toward the mandatory waiting period.

Do you believe there should be mandatory waits for women seeking abortions, despite the circumstances? Let’s discuss this controversial legislation below.

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