Can You Guess Which Day Most Twentysomethings Make Sure to Have Sex?

Birthday sex anyone?

Who can be mad at a person’s desire to receive the gift of great sex for their birthday? Not most millennials according to a recent study on sexual preferences among the generation.

A brand study from SKYN condom found that 79% of twentysomethings are all about getting busy in celebration of a birthday. With September 16th,being the most popular U.S. birthday, this could mean there will be a lot of “action” happening this week in celebration among the millennial crowds.

The research fro this study also uncovered that Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day are the most frequent holidays for sexual relations among millennials.

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While some experts say that millennials would rather chose food over sex, it appears that might just depend on the day of the week. 

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The SKYN survey shows that millennials are partial to the days of the week they’re willing to slide between the sheets. 

While 19% of study participants said Saturday is their go-to day to do “it”, 11% say Friday night is the most ideal. 

In conclusion: You should expect a lot of do not disturb cell phone alerts coming your way this Friday. That’s all we’re saying.