Melanie Fiona, Baby and Bae Are Totally Adorable, See?

Melanie Fiona and her love, Jared Cotter, welcomed their first son Cameron this year, and their sweet family moments are giving us major love and life goals.

Lauren Porter Aug, 19, 2016

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Cameron made his entrance into the world via c-section, a decision Melanie wasn't excited about but ultimately made for the health of she and her son.

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Mama's little man!

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"Love at first sight! He's good for life," Jared captioned this photo. How sweet!

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Cameron is one lucky little guy, he gets perfect private concerts from his super talented mom!

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Baby makes 3!

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Like father, like son. It looks like Jared has found his mini-me.

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Nap time!

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"I've waited for this day my whole life... Last night was the first time I performed on stage as my son watched from the wings," Melanie captioned this photo. "I've never felt more complete. Doing what I love, with whom I love most."

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A couple who compliments each other is a good one!

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The bond between these two is definitely unbreakable already.

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No one can compete with Cameron's shoe game. No. One.

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It's like Cameron is Jared's mirror! They are too cute together!

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Cameron's first flight and he handled it like a total pro!

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Cameron's shirt says it all--his dad is the superhero!


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