Where You’ll Meet Your Soulmate, Based On Your Horoscope Sign
JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images
Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Well, there’s a chance the zodiac could help. Certain traits of your astrological sign could lead you down the right path to meeting your future bae. Each horoscope sign has places it’s drawn to, whether it’s a quiet corner in a café or on top of a mountain after a long hike. Your perfect match could be awaiting your arrival RN.  All you have to do is keep an open mind and keep your sights set on the stars, and your horoscope will steer you in the right direction to finding your soulmate.   Leo: Your meet-cute destination: A Music Festival A Leo loves being center of attention and practically oozes confidence, so your ideal meeting spot is some place where you can stand out in a crowd. The best place to do that is at a music festival. A festival gives you the space and freedom to meet  someone who is just as carefree and independent as you are. But to keep the fling going past a weekend of music and fun, your potential soulmate will have to learn how to keep your attention and be confident enough to stand in your shadow.  Virgo: Your meet-cute destination: An Art Exhibit Virgos are very guarded and mysterious, and they prefer to take things very slow in relationships. The best place for you to meet someone worthy of your companionship is at an art exhibit or museum. You have a natural flair for the finer things in life, so finding a partner who has the same taste as you would suit your perfection-oriented interests. Strolling through a quiet museum also gives you a chance to establish a strong connection with your future bae, and it would give you that sense of privacy you so desperately crave when you’re first getting to know someone.  Libra: Your meet-cute destination: A Local Wine Bar No other sign in the zodiac family has your exquisite taste, Libra. You love being surrounded by sophisticated things and beautiful people, but you also take pride in visiting luxurious spots and getaways. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’re more likely to find your next boo at a wine bar and a fancy club, as opposed to a sports bar or watering hole. Meeting at a place where you can turn on the charm you’re most known for, preferably over a glass of red or craft cocktails, is more your speed. You’re open to chatting up anyone who is just as cultured as you are and who never settles for less.  Scorpio: Your meet-cute destination: An Upscale Restaurant It takes a strong individual to handle your intensity and passion, Scorpio. And the best place to find that individual is at an upscale restaurant, where you can dine in the lap of luxury while drawing bae into your magnetic and charismatic personality. You’ll need someone who can handle your mood swings and dark mind, and you can expect better results over wine and dinner at a fancy restaurant.  Sagittarius: Your meet-cute destination: While You’re On Vacation Sagittarians are known for their wanderlust, so it’s perfectly fitting that you’d find love while on vacation. Life is an endless venture for you. That’s why you need someone who is just as exciting, free-spirited and loves traveling just as much as you, or else you’ll get bored and move on to someone else quickly. Once you find your match, though, expect all your trips to turn into baecations Capricorn: Your meet-cute destination: At Work or In Class Practical Capricorns are too busy chasing their goals and ambitions to get caught up in partying or traveling. If you’re a Capricorn, you’ll have better luck meeting someone where you are, which is usually at work or school. This way, you know you’ll be getting someone just as overzealous as you about work or studying. For someone to lock you down, they’ll have to prove they’re willing to put in the work first to chip away at that wall you’ve built around your heart. Aquarius: Your meet-cute destination:  Volunteer Center An Aquarius can be hard to pin down and get to know, what with their quirky personality, independent nature and aloof spirit. But at their core, Aquarians are generous and known for their humanitarian beliefs. To get on your radar, potential love interests will have to appeal to both your intellectual and humanitarian side. That’s why a volunteer center is the best place to meet your soulmate. You’ll get a feel for bae’s passion to help others. While, they, in turn, get to know someone who has the biggest heart of all the zodiac signs.  Pisces: Your meet-cute destination: The Movie Theater A Pisces is always on the path to self-discovery, which explains why the movie theater is the perfect place for them to escape and find love. You’re also a hopeless romantic, and what better place to cuddle and show your affection than at a theater? Bonus points if the movie is a musical or has a dope soundtrack, because Pisceans gravitate towards anything related to music. Aries Your meet-cute destination: The Beach As a natural-born leader, you love a good physical challenge. Even though you’re super competitive, you’re always down for a lit party or some fun in the sun. It only makes sense that you’d find a boo at the beach for an end-of-summer bash or on Labor Day weekend. There’s so much to do at the beach that you’d never get bored. The beach is the perfect place to see if bae is up to the task of staying active and keeping up with you. Taurus Your meet-cute destination: The Great Outdoors As an earth sign, you’re at peace whenever you get a chance to go outdoors. You thrive on adventure, which is why you’re more apt to meet your next bae at the park or while hiking or camping. Just make sure your soon-to-be S.O. measures up to your high standards and nurturing spirit. Gemini: Your meet-cute destination: The Local Bookstore Café Gemini, you don’t need any flirting pointers from us. You already know how to work a room. However, a quiet, more intimate space (like a local café) will allow you to show off your playful and curious side while getting to know someone new. There’s never a dull moment with Geminis, so you don’t need to be in a loud or crazy setting to have fun. You can turn any place, even a small bookstore, into a party.   Cancer: Your meet-cute destination: A Small Gathering With Mutual Friends Cancers tend to be nurturing homebodies, who’d rather stay in for Netflix and chill than go out. Your reserved personality wouldn’t fare well at a big party, so a small gathering with people you already know is where you can show off your personality. You’re at your best when you feel safe and secure, and having your squad around you will give you just the boost of confidence you need to make the first move.