Meet Newlyweds Sara Elise and Amber: 'Love Can Look Like and Be Anything'

We were moved by  Sara and Amber's incredible love story, and how deeply meaningfully it was for them to be able to get married and to do so on their own terms.
Charli Penn Oct, 04, 2018

Here at ESSENCE, we pay tribute to Black love in every form every single day, and as we gear up to celebrate Black love in a big way with the Inaugural ESSENCE Black Love Gala in New York City on October 13th, we’re highlighting the love stories of impactful couples around the city, and turning the spotlight on their love for a new series called This Is Black Love.

Meet one of the couples, newlyweds Sara Elise, creator and owner of catering company Harvest & Revel, a collaborative and creative women-led catering company based in Brooklyn, and her wife, life coach and health advocate Amber Drew, who owns and operates LifeCycle Biking, an online community for cycle enthusiasts. We were moved by Sara Elise and Amber’s incredible and warm connection and love story, and how deeply meaningfully it was for them to be able to get married and to do so on their own terms, with custom vows that truly encompassed how they feel about each other and how they plan to spend their lives together.

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“Historically the queer community has been excluded from marriage fo so long, and we’re celebrating our love for each other and our union of both being two separate whole people coming together,” explains Sara Elise.

We chose to highlight this couple for many reasons. Besides their obviously adorable love, we were moved by not only their commitment to each other, but also their commitment both personally and professionally to healthier happier lifestyles as whole.

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“I would want people to take from our love that love can look like and be anything,” adds Amber.

Sara Elise and Amber’s full video interview is coming soon to along with other profiles of incredible Black couples you oughta know. Come back for more love.