Married For 60 Years, This New Orleans Couple Gave Us Major Love Goals At #ESSENCEFest

Meet David and Roselyn, a New Orleans-based couple who met in the midst of a war but love brought them peace, happiness and music. This is their love story.

Lauren Porter Jul, 08, 2016

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“We met when we were performing,” Roselyn said. “We were touring the Air Force shows in 1959. We were on this tour for three months. By the end of it, we were in love. We got married six months after we met, and that was in '59."


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When asked why they've been together this long, David's response was simply perfect: “I like her."

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“We do original," said Roselyn. "We do songs that people suggest for us. Sometimes, people bring us a CD, and say, 'You ought to do this song. This is your kind of song.' People ask us to do their weddings and it is special.”

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"We intend to record my absolute favorite love song, which was written by a friend of ours, and has never been recorded," said Roselyn. "The name of it is ‘I Saw the Way You Really Are.’”​

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“He's a really nice guy. He listens, sometimes,” Roselyn said of her husband David. “I'm not perfect; he's not perfect. We accept each other's limitations, but we try to help each other [too].”

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David told us that when they first met the two were told they would never make it, but here they are nearly 60 years later totally in love and still making music.

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Roselyn plays the African tinker piano to accompany many of their music. Most were gifts made from friends except for a few which were hand made by David.

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David and Roselyn's love gets other couples in the mood for love. One patron asked the couple to replay their favorite song to provide background music while he proposed to his girlfriend. "He gave [us] a $5 bill…we were singing it, and we looked over, and he was on his knees giving her a ring, and she was just crying her eyes out," said Roselyn.

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The couple have recorded five CDs together over the years and their love for each other and music is evident in each and every single joint effort. We salute their love.


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