Marlo Hampton Made Our Jaws Drop With Her Freaky Dance Moves At Eva Marcille’s Wedding
Prince Williams/Getty Images
Eva Marcille took fans inside the planning of her gorgeous Atlanta fairy-tale wedding. We got the tea on everything from her dream dress to the opulent venue. But what we didn’t know (until now) is that the wedding reception was super lit thanks Marlo Hampton and Eva’s makeup artist/cousin Terrell Mullin. Since Hampton caught the bouquet and Mullins caught the garter belt, it was expected they’d share their moment on the dance floor. However, no one expected things to get as freaky as they did. Mullins ended up putting the moves on Marlo, who welcomed him with open arms…and legs. Chiiillleee it was a sight to see. Mullins admitted he’d be gone off the tequila when this happened, writing, “So this is what happen when you have to [sic] much Patron.” Marcille appears to be amused by the bump n’ grind action as she watches from the sidelines, but folks on social media had a lot to say.  A Shaderoom commenter by the name of _lashout wrote , “To my homegirls: if y’all ain’t bringing this energy to my wedding. Don’t come. Period.” Another user, xtinag, called the dance “just a smidge inappropriate.” Do you think these two took their dancing too far, or was this all in good fun? While we have you, check out the lucrative side hustles of our favorite RHOA stars.
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