After last week’s episode of Insecure, I mansplained on Lawrence’s behalf. Suggesting that he was not a bad guy, just a confused one. After seeing him in action in this week, I could be wrong.

Yes, I know. Lawrence came clean to Tasha. But are we giving him more credit than he deserves?

Episode 2 entitled “Hella Questions” follows the fallout from Issa and Lawrence’s impromptu hookup. Lawrence wastes little time telling Tasha that he slept with his ex. He confesses as soon as Tasha hints at him attending a family BBQ and the scene ends with him being asked to exit. Not for long though. By the conclusion of the episode, Tasha has forgiven him for his misdeeds. 

Lawrence’s motivations aren’t always 100% easy to read, and this week is no exception. Lawrence is a good guy, right? One thing I’m certain about, he really didn’t want to sleep with Issa. But, did he really want to confess to Tasha? 

I wouldn’t exactly call it a confession under duress, but the trigger for Lawrence seemed to be when Tasha suggested he attend her family BBQ. A sign impossible to miss that Tasha wants to take this relationship to the next level. Not that she hasn’t already made it obvious. The minute he felt the pressure of those pipes bustin, as his friend Chad so eloquently phrased it, Lawrence ran for the hills in the form of an unprovoked confession. Imagine being Tasha, working up the courage to invite your new boo to the cookout, and then next thing you know he hits you with this news! I think we’d all understand if Tasha wanted nothing to do with Lawrence anymore, but she chooses to move past it.

Lost in the weekly firestorm of #TeamLawrence vs #TeamIssa is Insecure 3rd party candidate, #TeamTasha. Slowly but surely, as the season unfolds, it seems more and more likely that Tasha is going to end up hurt. You may not approve of how she ended up with Lawrence, but I don’t think anyone wants to see another broken heart in this saga. Lawrence is lukewarm about someone who is invested in him.

Lawrence is also lukewarm about his living situation, which I suspect isn’t a coincidence by Insecure’s brilliant writing team. Every decision Lawrence makes is a glimpse into his mental state and his apprehension to lock in his living situation, runs parallel with his confusion about which woman he want’s to be with. That is if he truly wants to be with either of them. 

When Lawrence goes to look at a new apartment, a great place that will be off of the market soon, he isn’t too excited about it. He walks through the house mostly unenthused, even after Chad points out the recess lighting. Quick shout out to Chad, a friend who can find you a real estate agent, play decoy when you ex pops up and let’s you crash at his place. Salute to you good brother, for being Lawrence’s loyal council. 

After touring the house, Lawrence appears mostly disinterested. He hints at it missing a certain intangible quality, yet he ends up taking the place anyway. Sound familiar? Tasha is the new apartment for Lawrence. This whole relationship with Tasha, was nothing more than a lukewarm rebound. Sure, men all around the world were cheering for the “backshots of revenge” from the season one finale (as well as the “season two spooning” from the premiere episode) but we all knew what it was. It was Lawrence simply taking out his anger and frustration.

Just like with his new apartment, Lawrence isn’t that thrilled about the prospect of a relationship with Tasha. He’s kind of just going through the motions while trying to make himself happy. And just like his new apartment, he’s signed a lease now. When Lawrence accepted that meal from Tasha, he took the first steps into his new relationship. Whether he realizes it or not.

Like I said last week, Lawrence isn’t a F*** boy yet. But he also isn’t ready to give Tasha the kind of relationship she wants and deserves. Nor is he ready to forgive Issa. Unfortunately the Issa reconciliation window is rapidly closing. If living and being with Issa is really what Lawrence wants, he needs to hurry up, break his lease, and delete soul swipe from her phone before it’s too late.