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Should A Man Provide Spousal Support After The Divorce?


In this ESSENCE Now segment, Dr. Sherry chats via Skype with our show host Makho to discuss spousal support after divorce.

The Atlanta based celebrity clinical psychologist says the biggest mistake couples make is not asking about finances before marriage.

“They don’t talk about it before they say ‘I Do’. They go into marriages in debt [and] they have weddings they can’t afford so they don’t even know what the financial landscape is like for the other person,” says Dr. Sherry. She continues, “If you have a prenup before the marriage, it helps.”

Dr. Sherry also discusses the importance of having separate accounts as well as a joint account as it relates to the finances of a marriage.

“It’s okay to have a joint account for joint bills, but you also need that independence.”

What do you think — should a man provide spousal support after the divorce?

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