'Love And Hip-Hop: Hollywood' Star Safaree On What He Wants To Whisper In Your Ear Tonight

ESSENCE Now puts reality star and rapper Safaree Samuels in "The Steam Room" to find out his love and relationship style, including what he likes to wear to bed, why he likes the lights on, and the one sexy thing he likes to whisper into a woman's ear.

ESSENCE.COM Oct, 18, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Yes, all that chocolate. [MUSIC] What's the sexiest place to make love? My bedroom, livingroom, car, your mother's place, your brother's place, anywhere, where we can lay. Have you ever skinny-diped? I've never skinny-diped, but I'd like to. So what do you wear to bed? When I go to sleep I like to wear a blanket and my coconut oil. Yeah. So what's your idea of good foreplay? My idea of good foreplay [MUSIC] It's a long tongue. [MUSIC] I like long tongues. Lights on or off? I like to see what's going on. I'm a visual I like to see everything. I'm not with that dark. What do you got to hide? I need to see it. Don't hide it. Give it to me. I need it. Now. Not now but right now. What's something sexy you'd whisper into a woman's ear? Run up under your mother. What's your favorite song to make love to? My favorite song to make love to is me, featuring Sean Kingston, Paradise. Let me take you to Paradise. [MUSIC] What the hell am I doing?