Listen Up, Sis! Dr. Sherry’s Best Relationship Reads of 2015
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Week after week, you can always count on Dr. Sherry to deliver real-talk relationship advice when you need it most. In 2015 she solved some of your biggest dating dilemmas like only she can. In case you missed it, here are eight great love lessons from Dr. Sherry that every woman should read, save and repeat.

When Your Man Ghosts On You, Then Returns (and You Still Love Him)

“He keeps in touch with you because you allow him to. In fact, you encourage him to. You must ask yourself: Why? After all of that, you are making excuses for him? Really? How many more times do you have to be devastated or humiliated by this man? The choice is yours. But you are fooling yourself if you think the two of you will get back together and live happily every afterwards.” Read the rest of her advice on this scenario here.

When He Wants You To Behave Like His Wife, But He Hasn’t Put A Ring On It

“If he struggles with your needs, it is time to take a hard look at your relationship and where it is going. While you think it’s time to make your relationship ‘official,’ your boyfriend may not share your feeling or thoughts. If that is indeed the case, you have some tough decisions to make. Be careful if your boyfriend responds with a vague commitment without any dates or timeframes. If marriage is your desire and you are in your late 20s, do not waste your 30s with someone that may not want to be married. If you want more, do not settle for less!” Read more advice on this here.

When Your Husband Isn’t Making You Happy Anymore

“This is a dangerous state for your marriage. You must first be honest with yourself and decide if you want to remain in the marriage. Do not allow your decision to be based on fear. Let it be based on what you truly want and whether you are both willing to work to meet each other’s needs. I recommend that you seek individual therapy first to decide if you want your marriage. This will also give you a chance to work through your fears. If you decide to stay, couples therapy is needed to work though issues in your marriage. Life is way to short to live a lie. If you want happiness, you are responsible for getting it!” Read more spot-on advice on this one here.

When Your Man Is Super Jealous

“Where is the trust? Relationships are built on trust among other things. There is no trust and never has been any in your relationship. So, what is keeping you together? Other women or other men are not the problem with your relationship. The problem is with the two of you. Both of you must decide if you are ready to grow up and take a real look at yourselves individually and together. Be honest with yourself. If you want more, why are you settling for less?” Read more here.

When You’re Stuck In A Sexless Marriage

“You are not alone in your dilemma. What you are actually living is a lie that is becoming increasingly difficult to hide. The lie of pretending that you are happy is like carrying a heavy weight on your back. You know it is there but you can’t or do not know how to take it off. While you may not be happy with your marriage, the fear of exposing the truth is overwhelmingly scary. The fear is the fear of the unknown. While you are harboring multiple fears, it is highly likely that your husband harbors similar fears. Forget what others may say and be honest with yourself – you must face your fears and decide if you want your marriage.” Read more on this common drama here.

When His ‘Baby Mama Situation’ Is A Real Problem

“Stop, watch, and learn from how he treats his children and their mothers. The way he deals with them will likely be the way he deals with you, especially if you have children. Regardless of what he does, you must decide if you honestly accept him the way he is…It is highly unlikely that you are going to change him. You can only be responsible for changing yourself.” Read more about this topic here.

When He’s A Serial Cheater

“I am hearing that you are willing to settle for something you really don’t want in fear of searching and waiting for something you do want. It seems as if you are afraid of being alone. So, you are willing to settle in order to have someone. Sometimes having someone is not better than no one.” More on this here.

When You’re A Single Mom Afraid To Start Again“It is never too late to find love. Yes, there is someone out there that will accept you and your children. Anyone you date must be willing to accept you all as a package deal. Your children are a part of your life, but should not be used as an excuse for avoiding having a personal life.” Yes! More here.

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