Things Get A Little Awkward On The New Lifetime Docu-Series ‘Love At First Flight’
Courtesy of Lifetime

Have you ever thought about traveling in a new relationship but wonder how soon is too soon?

Well in the new Lifetime docu-series Love At First Flight, new couples are matched together to embark on a cross-country getaway that will test their romantic expectations as they travel from state to state — after only just meeting. 

One couple — 30-year-old Stephanie Johnson from Frisco, TX and Atlanta native Michael Stewart — hit the open skies with hopes that sparks would fly during the journey. In the forthcoming episode, which airs on March 27, the two settle in Nashville, Tennessee and sit down to discuss the prospect of prenups in a marriage. 

While Michael is all about the idea, Stephanie is a hardly here for signing on the dotted line before she commits to forever. 

Will the two be able to find some middle ground before their next flight takes off or will the discussion be on board as they head to their next destination?

Tune into Lifetime’s Love at First Flight at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27.

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