Road to the Altar: Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish's Love Story in Pictures

Comedian Kevin Hart and his lady love Eniko Parrish, who he affectionately calls his "rib," are headed down the aisle soon. Here are 17 times the future Mr. and Mrs. Hart made love look good.

Lauren Porter Jun, 16, 2016

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Staring off into the sunset with the one you love is never a bad idea.

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Kevin and Eniko have a stellar wrist game! Peep their watch fly.

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Any couple that hangs out with Jay Z and Beyoncé is a couple worth loving.

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These two aren't afraid to take their love to new heights!

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Courtside cuties!

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Ride a camel while on vacation just because? Check!

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These two are simply red carpet killers!

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Happy Halloween! Paging Martin and Gina Payne!

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Kevin's children, Heaven and Hendrix, have happily embraced Eniko into their family. Hart party of 4!

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Eniko isn't afraid to hold her man down. She'll happily put the team on her back.

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Kevin's not afraid of lions, tigers or bears! Noted.

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Dinner dates look like this for these two.

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Sunny days call for old school rides in nothing but style for the whole family.

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When your cuddled up next to the one you love, what could go wrong?!

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These two vacation the right way.

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Kevin is notoriously funny and it looks like Eniko can be silly too!

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Selfies with bae are the best.