The Lucky Lady: Yondi Kamil Morris, 31, Attorney

Her Leading Man: Michael T. Andrews, 32, Contract Specialist 

The Big Day: September 20, 2014

Wedding Location: Chicago, Illinois

How did you meet your man?
Mike and I met in 1998 while I was working my first job at Foot Locker inside of a mall. He would come in every Saturday while I was at work and flirt with me.

What was your past dating life like?
Though Mike and I met when we were teenagers, we definitely had some breakups over the years. While I was single, I dated other men. I learned a lot through that process, like what I did and didn’t like. After every person I dated, I always thought back to Mike, and how I never really felt whole without him in my life.   

What was your first impression of him? 
I thought he was cute and dressed really well. After speaking with him, I realized he was really polite and gentle. Had I met him as my older self, I would have said that he is really just a good person, down to the bones. 

When did you first meet his family and friends? What was that like?
I met his mom very early on. She was friendly and seemed to like me. I met his father about a year after we got together. I was so nervous to meet him because Mike spoke very highly of his dad and I didn’t know what he would think of me. The moment I met him, he reminded me so much of Mike and I was able to calm my nerves and have a good time.

At what moment did you know he was ‘The One’ for you?
When Mike and I were apart, I dated a bit. After realizing that I had dated a few people but never found “The One,” I prayed. I asked God to send me a sign, to show me something. Mike and I hadn’t spoken in ages and the very next day I got a text from him asking me how I was and whether or not my car was prepared for another Chicago winter. It was in that moment that I knew he needed to be in my life. We saw each other that day and have been like peas and carrots ever since.  

What’s the sweetest thing he has ever done for you?
Mike and I went to college in different states. During my sophomore year at Spelman College, Mike surprised me with a visit. My friends were throwing me a surprise birthday party and he walked out of my friend’s bedroom holding a birthday cake. 

How did he pop the question?
My parents host a holiday party every year and some type of debate always ensues. As everyone took their seats for the “dining room debate,” I was running my mouth and disagreeing with a friend. As soon as I shut up for a second, Mike got down on one knee and said, “I don’t care about all of this arguing; what I want to know is, will you be my wife?” I was literally in shock. All I was able to utter was, “Oh my God!” And, of course it was followed by “yes!” So many people in our lives were there to celebrate. He knows how much family and friends mean to me, and he made sure to include them in our special moment. We are so excited to begin our forever together!

Photos: RDC Art Gallery