The Lucky Lady: Tiffany Newberry, 31, Public Relations

Her Leading Man: Phillip Guthrie, 26, Construction Quality Control Manager

The Big Day: June 8, 2014

Wedding Location: Atlanta, GA

How did you meet your man?
Phillip and I met June 5th, 2010 in Huntsville, Alabama while standing in line for a party. I asked him for a piece of gum and the rest is history!

What was your dating life like before you met him?
I never had a problem dating guys but they just weren’t the right ones for me. People come into our lives for a reason to teach us something. And I’m glad it didn’t work out with the wrong person, because it prepared me for the right person—my future husband.

What was your first impression of him?
Tall, dark and handsome!

Did you play hard to get?
Yes. I had a hard time trusting anyone, so my guard was up. I would always doubt him and really didn’t take him seriously at first.

Most romantic date ever?
A trip to Lake Lanier for a Valentine’s Day getaway. This was my first real Valentine’s Day. He surprised me with a Tiffany’s bracelet and my favorite bottle of wine sitting inside of a beautiful heart-shaped bed of roses. We then went to a nice dinner and danced the night away to live music. We really enjoyed each other.

Who said “I love you” first?
Phillip said it first. I remember it like it was yesterday. He told me he loved me on April 10th 2011. I was so excited and I said it right back.

How did he pop the question?
He proposed to me on December 23rd, 2012. Unbeknownst to me, he was secretly preparing the perfect proposal for a while.  He was working on a project in Oklahoma at the time, and he told me that when he came home for Christmas we were going to see his friend Travis debut in his first opera. On the way to the opera, he told me that we had to make a quick stop. While in the CNN parking deck, he grabbed a bottle of champagne and two glasses from the back seat and told me to take a walk with him. A beautiful horse and carriage waited at the corner to give us a ride around downtown Atlanta. I was hesitant at first, because I didn’t want my hair to get messed up before the show. Instead of the theater, the carriage stopped in front of the Glenn Hotel. We entered through the front door and our families and friends surrounded us. Phillip’s uncle frantically snapped pictures like the paparazzi. Tears welled up in my eyes as he began to talk about spending the rest of our lives together, and then got down on one knee. Afterwards, we had a champagne toast with everyone in the room saying heartfelt words to us. He secretly filmed it all!

Photos: Bille Board Photography