The Lucky Lady: Damilola Coker, 27, Reading Teacher

Her Leading Man: Toyosi Adesina, 31, Business Consultant

The Big Day: July 26, 2015

Location: Atlanta, GA

How did you meet your man?
I met Toyosi at a church fellowship group. He was invited by a mutual friend, and I was the assistant leader of the group. I spoke with him, like I speak with everyone. I didn’t think anything about it. That same week, I saw him again at a house warming party, and it was at this event that sparks started flying.

What was your love life like before you met?
I was the type of girl that always had a guy that I as “talking to” but no one who wanted to settle down. None of them wanted to be my boyfriend! There was a lot of hanging out with guys my age, so I decided to date older men. I met a lot of quality guys but none that were ready to commit. Many of the guys that I was attracted had commitment issues, but sure enough, my boo came along to rescue me from myself.

Was it love at first sight?
It was more like love at second sight. The first time meeting him, I did not consider him as a possibility and the conversation wasn’t great at all. But during our second go around, I was captivated by our conversation. He kept me smiling and laughing. I was thinking to myself that I met the man of my dreams.

Sweetest thing he has ever done?
He is constantly doing sweet things for me. But recently, on my birthday, he woke me up singing and blowing bubbles. He danced and sang for a solid three minutes. He made me join him in the chaos, and I am glad I did. After the singing and dancing was over, he handed me flowers, a card, cake and money to buy my dream wedding shoes. I am so in love with this man!

How long did you date before you got engaged?
Exactly four months.

Most romantic date ever?
The night that he proposed was the most romantic date ever! He took me to a restaurant called Spindle Top. The restaurant spins as you are eating and the place lights up with the city lights. It was very beautiful!

Photos: Fotos By Fola