Stephanie Thompson and Cherrell Simmons

Hometown: Maryland

The Big Day: 4/16/16

The Love Connection
“We met on an online date website,” says Stephanie. “We both took a chance and even though we were just looking for someone to hang out with more so than date, things blossomed beyond our control once we met in-person.”

The Past
“Prior to Cherell I would consider myself a serial dater,” Stephanie adds. “I even believed I needed to move because the dating scene just wasn’t working for me here. Especially being in this area for so long, most eligible daters were connected to someone I knew, and that just wasn’t the road I wanted to travel.”

The Chemistry
“We tried not to feel something,” says Stephanie. “So much so, that it made us have a stronger connection. Once we stepped back and realized how careful and raw we had been to maintain this open space with each other, helped us realize that we really just set our lives up to be awesome mates for each other.”

The One
“Before her, I called what I was doing ‘dating,’ but she taught me the essence of it,” says Cherell. “I felt respected and it was genuine. She met me where I was with life as a whole and helped my jaded heart beat to a more purposeful rhythm.”

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Photography: Eunique Jones Photography

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