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Just Engaged: Tangara and Brian

Tangara, a dancer, and Brian, a musician, have been perfectly in tune since day one. Three years after they met at the Montreal Jazz Festival, he proposed by staging a fake audition just for her. She landed the role of a lifetime -- his wife-to-be.

The Lucky Lady: Tangara Jones, 31, Actor/Dancer

Her Leading Man: Brian Cockerham, 31, Musician

The Big Day: May 18, 2013

Wedding Location: Atlanta, GA

Where and how did you meet your man?

I was a dancer for a Canadian singer and we had a show at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Brian was playing the bass with the feature performer, Estelle. All of our dressing rooms were close by so after the show both bands ended up hanging out in the green room. I remember meeting Brian, but to be honest his name didn’t stick. It wasn’t until a few days later when he added me on Facebook that I was like “Oooh, that’s his name!” The following week we had another show with Estelle. That was when Brian and I had a little more time to connect and we exchanged numbers.

What were your initial feelings about each other when you first met?

The one thing I will never forget about meeting him in the green room in Montreal, was his smile. Someone was standing in my way and I remember having to move over to get a better look at him. “He’s so handsome,” I said to myself. He has the brightest, warmest smile I have ever seen. Brian’s side: I didn’t necessarily have feelings for her when we met. I just thought she was sexy. I wanted to make conversation, do a little flirting with her, maybe become Facebook friends. Nothing more or less. She lived in a different country, so I wasn’t trying to catch feelings, or fall for her at all… But oh she was sweet, sweet as she wanna be. 

When did you know he was The One?

My friends were telling me he was the one from the very beginning  and that was mostly from the friends who hadn’t even met him yet. But I knew he was the one when we went to meet my sister and two of her children. My sister is a hard one to crack and she loved him right away. Then there was a moment when her kids were both sitting in his lap playing with toys and he was talking to them and playing with them. He just fit right in. He made sense. And from that day, Uncle Brian came to be. I knew there was no turning back!

What types of things do you have in common?

Our common interests are what really brought us together. We are both born in the same year and the same age, we both have older sisters, whose birthdays are mere days apart from ours. Our favorite movie is House Party. Although we have different talents, we are both in the entertainment industry so we knew right away what we were getting ourselves into. Did I mention we both love to eat? 

Photos: Erik Umphery Photography