Bride: Sherine N. West, 30, Financial Accountant

Groom: Robert K. Bediako, 28

Have Faith
Sherine and Robert both attended a church retreat for singles hoping to meet someone special who was also living their life for God. They found it in each other.  During most of the retreat they didn’t speak but on the last day they really hit it off.

Double the Fun
Insistent on taking things slow between them, Sherine and Robert chose to team up with another couple for their first date and make it more of a group outing. That night they painted ornaments together (part of the restaurant theme) and startef talking about any and everything. That was the true beginning of a beautiful friendship that soon blossomed into love.

Best Gift Ever
At Sherine’s 30th birthday party she noticed Robert had stepped away. A friend asked her to come upstairs and she followed. When she got there the friend told her to go through the door and follow the path.

“At the door was the car that Rob made on our first date and from there there were rose petals and different pictures we took together as well as playbills from the different Broadway plays we attended together,” recalls Sherine. “I entered another door and there he was sitting at a small table with glasses and champagne set out.” Sherine still had no clue he was about propose, until he did, making it the best birthday gift ever.

Photos by JargaPix Photography

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