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Just Engaged: Shani and Moses

Shani and Moses met at age 12, dated on and off in high school, and ultimately found their way back to one another. Now they're altar-bound.
Bride-to-Be: Shani Ayesha Robinson, 27, Youth Counselor

Groom-to-Be: Moses Olaseyi A. Tejuoso, 28, Entrepreneur

To Be Married On: July 28, 2012

My First Crush
Not many women can say they met their soul mate at the tender age of 12, but youth counselor Shani Robinson can. It all started in 1996 on a sunny summer day at her neighborhood pool. Shani was new to the neighborhood and just getting to know the local kids. One of them was Moses. He admired her from afar that day, but Shani was a little scared of boys back then and thought Moses might be trouble. He vowed to make her his girlfriend one day.

Lovers and Friends
Growing up together, Shani and Moses had an on-and-off courtship through high school and college. “I can remember sitting up until 3 o’clock in the morning on my parents’ front porch when we were 19,” recalls Shani. “We spent many nights on the front porch that summer cuddling and talking.” Yet, like so many young couples do, they lost touch as they grew up, and their lives moved in opposite directions. Moses, who says he knew Shani was The One the minute he saw her swimming in that pool, never gave up on the idea of a happily ever after with his childhood crush. In 2010, he found Shani on Facebook, and that’s when the magic happened. This was the third time they’d reconnected, and this time Shani was sure he was the guy for her.

A Walk In the Park
Over Labor Day weekend 2011, Shani and Moses went for a romantic rendezvous in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park. They sat down on a bench and Moses began explaining the history of the park to her, sharing that it had in fact been built the year they met at the pool. “He went on to elaborate about what 100 years would be like together,” says Shani. “Then he reached into this pocket and grabbed a strategically placed ring box and opened it while saying, ‘Spend a century with me. Will you marry me?’ I was smiling from ear to ear, excited and nervous because everyone in the park was looking at us.” Now the childhood sweethearts are preparing for their moment at the altar. Join us in congratulating the couple on making their love go the distance. Can you feel the love?

Photos: Jamie Howell Photography