The Lucky Lady: Kira Wilkinson, 28, Management Analyst

Her Leading Man: Eric Bibbs, 28, Production Manager

The Big Day: August 3, 2014

Wedding Location: Maryland

How did you meet your man?
A girlfriend asked me to hang out with her and some friends one night. We met up and went to Eric’s house to “pre-game” before going out. His friend Mike played wingman to get my information throughout the night and we’ve talked every day since.

Were you looking for love at the time?
No, not at all. I was actually in the midst of a breakup.

What was your first impression of him?
I thought he was very attractive and had a fun personality. Judging by his apartment and décor I figured he had great taste and was very particular.

Weirdest date you’ve ever been on?
We went to play bingo one night and we were the youngest people in there by at least 30 years.  They were a bit feisty and the game is very serious. I was just happy to win one round.

Most romantic date ever?
I would say our first Valentine’s Day together. He picked me up with roses and a beautiful necklace. I thought we were doing an adventurous activity together, but we ended up at the spa where he pre-arranged  the entire day’s events for me. Although I wanted to do something together, it was a welcomed surprise.

Who said “I love you” first?
He did. But, if he tells the story, he’ll say it was me.

How long did you date before getting engaged?
Two and a half years.

What made you fall in love with her?
Her great cooking! Oh yeah, and she’s pretty damn attractive too.

How did he pop the question?
On New Year’s Eve 2011 we were on a cruise together. When midnight hit we were so busy partying that we didn’t do the traditional kiss and toast. We decided to do things differently the next New Year’s Eve.  We planned to attend our friend’s NYE party and step outside right after midnight to say what we were looking forward to in the New Year and have our traditional kiss.  After I shared my vision for the New Year, Eric got down on one knee and said that his future included me being his wife and planning our life together. He even pulled out a homemade mistletoe for our kiss.

Photos: The Captured Life Photography

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