Bride-to-Be: Sarah Z.L. Rogers, 26, Dean of Students at a charter school

E William Tucker, Jr., 26, Law Student

To Be Wed On:
June 30, 2012

Study Buddies

There’s usually never a bright side to summer school, but in 2005 Morehouse College student William found one. Although he attended a men’s college, there was one beautiful lady from their sister school Spelman College in his African-American literature class. The only seat left open was the one next to her. The couple got along okay in class, but kept their focus on the books for a while. As luck would have it, both Sarah and William wound up in the same study group.

Each night after studying, William, being the gentleman he is, would walk Sarah to her car as they took the time to get to know each other.  This gave them time to grow their relationship and really talk outside of the classroom. That’s when they begin to suspect that they could be more than friends. “Our original study group of 8 students began to dwindle,” says William. “Eventually it was just the two of us, and the rest is history.”

A Night to Remember
After their college graduation, Sarah wound up in Boston, while William was close by in Vermont. The two spent as much time together as possible, making weekend visits a regular occurrence. On a routine visit to see Sarah in Boston, William brought a special surprise in his pocket — a diamond ring. She had no clue what was coming.

After a romantic rooftop dinner, the happy couple journeyed over to Boston Harbor, which was decorated for the holidays. The moment was just right.

“I got on one knee and asked her to marry me, only to have her ask me if I’d consulted her parents,” William remembers. “After assuring her that I had her parents’ blessing, she finally agreed and I responded with a huge sigh of relief.”

Sarah says the moment was surreal.

As the two prepare for their nuptials next June, they’re keeping busy celebrating their love. Sarah and William recently traveled back to where it all started… to capture their love story on camera for the engagement shoot.

Check out their lovely shoot on the Spelman and Morehouse campuses and share the love!

Photography by Project Duo Photography