Just Engaged: Rachel and Milton’s Love Story
John Tannen

The Lucky Lady: Rachel Sojourner Thomas, 26, Attorney 

Her Leading Man: Milton Amis Dickerson, 30, Physical Therapist

The Big Day: August 8th, 2015

How did you meet your man?

I met Milton through a mutual friend in Memphis who wanted to set us up on a blind date. I was hesitant about going on a blind date, but I was familiar with his family and friends, so I thought I would give it a try. On our first date we had an instant connection. He made me laugh the whole night and I knew then that he was definitely someone special and someone that I wanted in my life.

Were you looking for love or did love find you?

Well, I knew that I was looking for something serious. I trusted that God would guide the right man in my life at the perfect time. On our first date, I did let Milton know that I was looking for something serious and I was not interested in causal dating for the hell of it. I told him that if he wanted to date casually that was fine but that he would not be doing it with me. He respected my wishes! 

Was it love at first sight?

From the first time that I met Milton, I knew that he was special. I felt it in my spirit. I didn’t know where the relationship was going to go, but I felt that if I was good to him, then he would be good to me and that has been our truth since we first started dating. So, I guess you could say that it was love at first sight. 

What was your most romantic date like?

Our first Valentine’s Day together. It was not romantic because it was Valentine’s Day, but it was romantic because it was the first moment that we knew we truly understood each other. Milton and I had been asking each other what we wanted to do for Valentine’s Day and we never gave each other a direct answer. Finally, we stopped asking and did our own personal research. On Valentine’s Day I baked him his favorite cookies and he bought me my favorite cookies, which are sometimes hard to find. That night when I got home I wrote in my journal, “Milton and I had a special night. Our gifts that we gave each other weren’t too much, or too little, they were perfect. We obtained perfection for each other through the simplest things. Thank you Lord for this opportunity.”  

When did you know he was “The One?”

I tried to play an April Fools joke on Milton. I went through this whole act and then yelled “April Fools.” He responded with the most clever April Fools joke. He really made believe that I had disrupted his day, only for him to yell “April Fools.” I knew then, that he was the one. I loved how clever he was and how quickly he was able to think on his feet. No one had ever gotten me that good before. 

How did he pop the question?

On the day that we got engaged, I was moving into my apartment in Chicago. He surprised me by flying there. He was able to get my best friends in on the surprise too. My friends made me dress up because they told me that we were going to a fashion show. After putting up a fuss, I reluctantly got dressed. Once it was time to go, my friend called to tell me that she needed to come up to my apartment for a quick second.  When I opened the door to let my friend in, there Milton stood in a suit, and I knew exactly why he was there. Once I finally calmed down, he asked me to marry him. I said yes and he told me to get my things because we had dinner reservations. It was a beautiful night!

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