The Lucky Lady: Porscha Armour, 27, Business Operations Coordinator at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Her Leading Man: Zachary Xavier Watts, 26, Costco Whole Supervisor

The Big Day: July 3, 2015

How did you meet your man?

My good friend from college invited me to a childhood friend of her’s 20th birthday celebration. We met very briefly during that time, he introduced himself, and I wished him a happy birthday. After that, we left and I didn’t see him until four years later when the same friend invited me to hang out with she and her friend Zach from all those years ago at zoo. She and Zach came to pick me up, and as soon as I got into the car, I noticed something different about the skinny boy from the birthday party. He had matured and had quite the sense of humor. After an exchange of numbers, and a few dates, we started to officially date. And the rest is history

Did you have a hard time dating before meeting him?

My past dating life was filled with ups and downs of situations that weren’t meant to be, and would never last. We women outnumber the men in Atlanta tremendously and they know it. Commitment is not the easiest thing to come by when you are in your early twenties and living in a party scene type city. So when Zach came along, he was such a breath of fresh air. I could tell he was over the dating scene and so was I. We were both ready to enter the next phase. 

When did you know he was “The One?”

Ever since I was 11, I have loved the Backstreet Boys. Zach and I were riding in the car one day. And I played my music on shuffle and it landed on a Backstreet Boys song. Zach began to sing the words, and bob his head. No guy had ever done that before. That’s when I knew…

How did he pop the question?

We went to Universal Studios in Orlando. We rode roller coasters and ran around the park like two big kids for an entire weekend. As soon as we returned from our trip to Orlando, as I was flat ironing my hair, he asked me to come here for a second, and there he was on one knee with tears in his eyes. It was so sweet!

Why is he the best man for you?

Being with him allows me to be myself to my core. And he embraces and prefers the natural me. I don’t have to put on any show or hold anything in with him. With him, nothing is ever weird. And if it is weird, we just laugh at ourselves and keep it moving. I think in order to have longevity in a relationship, people should be able to be themselves.