The Lucky Lady: Nicole Jackson, 27, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Her Leading Man: Melvin Hitchens II, 28, Consumer Goods Sales Representative

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

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Wedding Location: Kalamazoo, MI

The Big Day: 4/12/14

Where and how did you meet your man?
I met Melvin while attending school at Florida A&M University. We often ran into each other at parties and other social gatherings. We shared the same major and had some classes together too. One semester we were both in the same Earth science class and we became studying partners and eventually friends. We had no idea when we set foot on “the hill” that we would both find each other. We never would have guessed in a million years that our casual acquaintance would turn into an amazing friendship and then into true love.
Were you looking for love at the time?
At the time when I met Melvin I want not looking for love but I also wasn’t going to be blind to a good thing!

Was it love at first sight?
I think it was more of a gradual type of love, being together in college, starting our careers, moving all over really helped us to grow in our love. 

Most romantic date ever?
The most romantic date that we’ve ever had was actually a short trip to Napa Valley. We were able to tour the wineries and vineyards, ride a cable car up the side of a mountain and over look Napa and to top it all off the weather was perfect. The numerous glasses of wine were definitely a plus as well.

Who said “I love you” first?
He did, but I said it right back!

How did he pop the question?
I woke up on December 30, 2012 thinking this would be a fun filled 26th birthday that we would share with our friends in Atlanta. We were staying in a hotel for our visit. Anxious to get my birthday started we woke up early and got ready to eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Just as we were about to leave I noticed that Melvin had sat back down. I asked him what was he doing. Melvin asked me to open his suitcase and hand him his wallet. I quickly unzipped the suitcase and handed him his wallet but he was still sitting down. He then told me he had something else in there and to hand it to him, by now I was confused and very hungry. This time I reached into the suitcase and realized there was a ring box. Just as I began to hysterically scream he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him.

Photos: Dream Weaver Photos