Bride-to-Be: Nakia Lumpkin, 29, Fashion Marketing Student

Groom-to-Be: Tega McKinney, 29, Technical Consultant

To-Be-Wed On: September 15, 2012

Wedding Location: Jonesboro, GA

Office Crush
Nakia and Tega worked for the same company, but in two different departments and at two separate locations. It was until they enrolled in a leadership program at work that they found themselves face to face, at the same table, and in the same group. Ironically, they were the only two single people there. They felt sparks, but kept things professional. It wasn’t until after graduating from the program that Nakia felt comfortable flirting with Tega, who was clearly interested. She let her guard down one night at a party, and they finally made plans for a first date. They met up for dinner, then afterwards went to a place where they made coffee mugs for each other. It was the perfect first date – a little of him, and a little of her. The morning after, Nakia called her sister and told her Tega was “the one,” she could feel it.
In the fall of 2011, just 10 months after Tega knew he’d found his soul mate, he concocted the perfect surprise proposal for his ladylove. They took a trip the beach with friends for the weekend, and he made his move. While they walked along the shore together, Tega started snapping photos of Nakia playing in the water with his cell phone. Then she received an incoming text from him, with a link, and a message that read: “I have another surprise for you!” She clicked on the link and it took her to On the site, there was a timeline of their love story and a virtual envelope for her to click on. When she clicked on it, it opened to a message that read: “Cherished moments from our past, present, and hopefully… our permanent future. Nakia Denise Lumpkin… will you marry me?” Her mouth dropped, and as she turned around to see if he was joking, she found Tega down on one knee with an open ring box in his hand, while his friends stood around, taping the entire thing. Overwhelmed with emotion and shedding tears of joy, Nakia happily accepted Tega’s offer to be his future wife. Join us in congratulating the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Photos: Creative Soul Photography