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Just Engaged: Monique and Gennarro

Gennarro was having fun playing the field until he met his soul mate, Monique.
Bride-to-Be:  Monique Heath, 30, Respiratory Therapist

Groom-to-Be: Gennarro Jackson II, 32, Financial Analyst

Wedding Date: March 3rd, 2012

Florida’s Finest
Monique and Gennarro met at a birthday party in Tallahassee, Florida. The semester had just ended and FAMU student Monique was there with friends to support her cousin, who was hosting the party. Her cousin’s boyfriend was a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, so a bunch of his frat brothers showed up to party. Monique spotted this “tall, bald, attractive guy” wearing a cut up purple and gold shirt.

She continued to chat with friends, thinking he must be a typical frat guy there to find an easy good time. Her suspicions grew when he walked over to the group she was standing in and asked her friend to dance. Even though her friend passed on his request, Monique immediately ruled him out. Little did she know it was all a ploy on Gennarro’s part to get one step closer to the woman he really had his eye on – her!

When he got around to asking her to hit the dance floor with him, she played hard to get and told him no. Luckily, Gennarro doesn’t take no for an answer. He continued to pursue Monique, who eventually allowed him a chance to get to know her better. They instantly connected.

Falling Hard
After that, Monique and Gennarro’s love story truly began. While dating, he took her to an Omega Psi Phi ball and her roommate took pictures of them all dressed up and headed out for the evening. “I felt like I was attending prom all over again,” says Monique, who admits she was truly smitten with Gennarro.

I Sure Fooled You
When Gennarro was ready to propose to Monique, he knew he’d need a little help to throw her off his trail. He told her mother to tell her she was taking her to a special event and to pack and wear something nice. The day of, Monique was dressed and ready to go, but became agitated when her mom still wasn’t close to ready. Monique was distracted by looking for an outfit for her mom to wear when she noticed a stretch limo pulling up outside. She ran to the front door, opened it, and saw Gennarro hop out, dressed to the nines in a three-piece suit.

“He was looking very debonair,” says Monique. “He walks into the house, gets down on one knee, takes my hand and begins to cry.” At this point, Monique’s family members are cheering and screaming in awe as they watch along. After a beautiful speech about new beginnings, he asked Monique to be his wife. She, of course, agreed, and the two are now planning a fabulous spring wedding for 2012.