Bride-to-Be: LaToya, 28, Non-Profit Management

Groom-to-Be: Ben Marc, 27, Marketing Account Management

To Be Married On: August 12, 2012

New Year, New Beginnings
Think you can’t find love online? You better think again. LaToya met her soon-to-be-husband Ben with a little help from (which she lovingly refers to as her good friend “Emily Harmony”). There was a message in her inbox from Marc that sat there for month, but something told her to respond on New Year’s Eve 2009. After a few “getting to know you texts,” they wished each other a Happy New Year and headed off to ring in the New Year at their respective churches. That let her know that he was a God-fearing Christian, an instant plus with LaToya. He even called the next day to ask her on a date. Although Ben’s car almost broke down the night he drove to meet LaToya at a dessert café in Atlanta, something told him not to cancel and to instead throw some coolant in the radiator and keep going. It was a good call. They hit it off famously.

All I Want Is You
To celebrate Ben’s 27th birthday, he decided to whisk his ladylove LaToya off to his hometown of Miami for a sunset speed boat cruise. When they boarded the boat, she thought it was strange that he brought on a backpack, but she had no clue that there was a diamond ring with her name on it inside. When the ride was over, and as they departed the boat, LaToya gushed about how awesome the ride was when she noticed Ben was no longer responding. “I turned around to look for him, and there he was on one knee, with my beautiful diamond ring in his hand,” says LaToya. Her mouth dropped, and she screamed, “Are you serious?” His response: “Yes, I’m very serious. You are my first true love, and on my birthday, all I want is you. LaToya, will you be my wife?” Bet you can guess what her response was. After just two years of dating, LaToya had found the man she plans to spend forever with. This summer they will marry at The DeKalb History Center in Atlanta. Join us in congratulating the happy couple on their big news.

Photos: Sophia Barrett Photography