Bride-to-Be: Kimberly R. Smith, 29, Radio One Account Executive

Groom-to-Be: Jasper J. Harris, 29, Engineer

Wedding Date: May 5th, 2012

Chemistry 101

The formula for love is often unspoken, and such was the case with Kimberly and Jasper, freshman lab partners at Louisiana’s Xavier University. The vibe between them was friendly at first, then they dated briefly. But it wasn’t their time. They parted ways, figuring it was for the best. But years later, they would rekindle their love and the chemistry that was originally there, would spark again and prove to be the perfect formula for love. After an eight year absence from each other after college, they reunited two years ago and this time they made love last.

Jasper knew Kimberly was the One.

“I knew the first year we started dating.” Jasper shares. “She has all the qualities a man looks for in a woman, she’s beautiful, intelligent, and caring, etc., etc. But what sets her apart from anyone else is her effect on me and my mood. Honestly, she makes everything better. Problems seem like nothing, because at the end of the day, it’s just her and I and I’m alright with that.”

When Jasper and Kimberly were apart, they learned a lot about themselves individually, so when they rekindled their flame they knew just what to do to make each other happy.

“We learned more about the other outside of a romantic interest.” says Kimberly, “We got an opportunity to see each other for what he or she was and didn’t allow romantic interest to play a major factor.”

A Long Walk in the Park

The lovers will always think of Hermann Park in Houston, Texas as a special place because Jasper made it a weekend to remember. After mulling around for hours on how to propose to Kimberly, he decided to do it a Japanese Festival. With the perfect setting and the perfect plan, Jasper put the perfect story into play. As they walked through the festival, he pointed to a Tea House in a garden. A nervous Jasper, decides that was the spot.

“With her back turned to me, I pulled the ring out.” Jasper explains, “When she turned around, she knew instantly what I was about to do. So I opened the box, got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife.”

A surprised Kimberly blushed until she was beet red, and excitedly replied, “Yes!”

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Photography by RH Photo Arts

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