Bride-to-Be: Kim Livesay, 32, Human Resources Manager

Groom-to-be: Nate Bennett, Jr., 29, Pharmacy Technician

Wedding Date:  August 18, 2012

Something New
The last place Kim expected to meet her Mr. Right was online, but she did. Back in February 2009, she logged onto her MySpace account and found a message from an attractive stranger waiting in her inbox. She lived in Atlanta and he was from Maryland, so she almost ignored it all together. But she had a hunch that she should respond, so she proceeded, with caution. “He had to build his way up to getting my number, so we communicated through the site only for a while,” she recalls. “He worked his way up to instant messenger, and then finally I gave him my number and we talked.” It’s a good thing they did, because Kim really liked what Nate had to say. Their friendship happened effortlessly and despite the distance between them, they felt a true connection.

Anxious for a chance to meet his new friend in person, Nate made a point of “stopping by” Kim’s place for a visit a few months later during a trip to Atlanta with friends. He stayed for hours, and it was that night that the stars aligned and two souls became one. “We didn’t have any awkward moments because we had already learned so much about each other without physical interactions, everything just flowed naturally,” Kim shares. Nate was equally smitten. “My initial reaction to seeing her was, I thought, wow, she is even more beautiful in person,” Nate recalls. “Her smile melted my heart.”

Only the Best for You
Nate knows a thing or two about spoiling his woman. For Kim’s birthday he lined up one surprise after another, each designed to make her smile. He began the day by whisking her off to a luxurious spa, then on the way home, made a quick stop at the airport. He’d flown in her favorite hair stylist from back home just so she could get her favorite ‘do for the special occasion. Afterwards, he tricked her into thinking they were going to drop by his place to get dressed for a night out on the town, but when she opened the door, all her friends and family were there. Nate went out of his way to make sure her friends from all over the country flew in for the occasion. Kim was touched beyond words and when he pulled out a ring as his final birthday present to her, she happily agreed to become the future Mrs. Bennett.

Join us in congratulating the happy couple.

Photos by Keith Cephus Photography

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