The Happy Lady: Jasmine Denise Walker, 28, U.S. Army Captain

The Lucky Guy: Trevor Jerzell Black, 27, U.S. Army Captain

The Date Is Set: June 22, 2013

How’d you snag your man?

“Trevor and I met briefly at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, while attending the Military Intelligence Captain’s Career Course, but we didn’t start dating until we both ended up in the same unit and Trevor had to ‘in-process’ through my section. Over the next couple weeks, Trevor found lots of excuses to visit my office. He seemed to need a lot of ‘help’ getting settled into the unit and a lot of ‘advice’ about things to do in El Paso. After weeks of banter, flirting, and teasing, Trevor finally asked me out to dinner. 

When did you know he was ‘The One’?

“I knew Trevor was the one when I realized that he was my best friend and that I could tell him anything and he would still love me.”

What obstacles have you overcome together?

“The largest has been our current Afghanistan deployment. When we started dating, we knew that the Brigade would be deploying within the year. Deploying together has been better than being apart, but it’s also been a strain on our relationship at times. It’s hard with me being in Command, going out on patrols; it scares Trevor out of his wits. As hard as it’s been, though, we’ve worked hard to communicate with one another and make time for each other.”

How did he pop the question?

“During a surprise birthday trip in Arizona, Trevor asked me to go for a walk on the grounds after dinner and cocktails. In front of the resort’s main entrance, overlooking the city lights, Trevor got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife… but without the ring! He had planned to propose later, but he told me that he just couldn’t hold it in anymore, which I thought was sweet.

The next weekend, as I sat on the bed, I heard Train’s “Marry Me” playing somewhere. I went outside and noticed that Trevor was in the parking lot with signs in his hands. The signs said how he promised to give me love and understanding for the rest of our lives and the last one asked me to marry him. Then he got down on one knee and pulled out a 1-carat celebration diamond solitaire ring (gorgeous!).”

Photos: Creatrix Photography