Bride-to-Be: Jasmine Ross, 30, Counseling Psychology PhD Candidate

Groom-to-Be: Myles Burton, 29, Police Officer

To Be Married On: September 29, 2012

Officer to the Rescue
When Jasmine calls her fiancé Myles her “hero,” she’s not kidding. Back in 2007 she was involved in what she’ll tell you was a “minor fender-bender,” on a Texas highway, when she wound up facing the wrong way on the road with a crooked steering wheel. Meanwhile, nearby, Myles, a local police officer, was working an extra shift and giving out school zone tickets when he got a call that there was a driver in distress nearby. Initially, he was annoyed at being dispatched to the scene, but he says, “when I pulled up and saw her face, and the pants she had on, my mood changed.” Jasmine, on the other hand, was flustered, embarrassed, and annoyed that she was late to work.

Myles, who she immediately noticed was “very handsome,” helped her get back on the road, then offered her his phone number. “He told me that he was ‘concerned’ about my car, and that I should call him if I needed a ‘repair man,’” Jasmine recalls. She wasn’t convinced he was anything more than a flirt, but she texted him the next day to say thank you just the same. He asked her out on a date, but she turned him down the first, second, and third time. After a year of being friendly, he finally wore her down, and she agreed to meet him for seafood. That’s when their love finally bloomed.

The Perfect Night
Two years later, on Valentine’s Day, Myles took Jasmine to a Rickey Smiley comedy show than for a romantic walk to the gazebo in Hermann Park. While she was distracted by snapping photos with her brand new digital camera, Myles whispered in her ear, “When we met, everything that I thought I wanted changed, and all I need to be happy is a life with you.” When she turned around he was on bended knee with her ring in his hand. Myles asked Jasmine to be his wife, and she happily accepted.

Photos: Craig Davis of Studio563
Planner: Claudia G de Velasco of A Day to Remember
Hair: Rochelle Thomas of Maison de Modele
Makeup: Em Smith

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