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Just Engaged: Janee and Robert

Robert won Janee over in college when he offered to help her study for a tough class. Their friendship soon graduated to love.
The Lucky Lady: Janee Monique Fisher, 23, Registered Nurse

Her Leading Man: Robert Craven McGee Jr., 26, Surgical Trauma Registered Nurse

The Big Day: September 22, 2012

Location: Houston, Texas

How did you meet your man?
Robert and I met when I was a junior and he was a senior at Prairie View A&M University’s College of Nursing. I remember my exact first thoughts of Robert were, “Wow, this guy is extremely standoffish, and I am not going to get to know him much.” A couple of days after briefly meeting in passing Robert approached me in the student lounge and asked me how my classes were going. It just so happened that I was doing horribly in my pathophysiology class and he offered me his entire binder filled with all of his old notes that he had used the previous year. After he went to his locker and gave me the binder I remember frantically saying, “How will I get this binder to you once I am finished with the notes?” He very slickly said, “Let me give you my number and I will get yours.” I later found out was this was totally premeditated.

What’s the sweetest thing he has ever done for you?
I was studying for a huge test, and it happened to be a Valentine’s Day. Since Robert and I celebrated the day prior, I thought “our” Valentine’s Day was over. He said he was going to head to my apartment and cook dinner while I stayed at his place and studied for my test. A few hours later he called and said dinner was ready. I packed my books and headed home. When I got there, the door was locked, so I knocked and when he opened the door I saw he had made us a candlelit dinner and had special gifts on the table. It was so romantic!

How did he pop the questions?
A week before he proposed, Robert told me that he wanted to go to a nice place for dinner and that he wanted us to get dressed up since we don’t have a chance to do so often. He instructed me to make dinner reservations. I made them at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood restaurant. The atmosphere in Eddie V’s was perfect — it was dark, intimate and very romantic. We spent a couple of hours enjoying amazing food and each other’s company. As dinner came to an end, Robert and I decided to go look at Christmas lights. As we were driving around the neighborhood gazing in amazement at the beautiful glowing lights, we came to a house that was so beautiful that we stopped to admire it a little longer. Robert opened his car door and got out. As the beauty of the house distracted me, he came over to my door, opened it, and dropped to his knee. Amongst the beautiful glowing lights he asked me to marry him. I balled like a baby, and I of course said yes.

What was going through your mind as he proposed?
“I can’t believe he is doing this; I wonder if he already asked my dad….look at that ring!”

Second to his heart, what’s the other sexiest part of his body?
His abs!!!

Fill in the blank: If you’re spying on us on a Friday night, you’ll probably catch us ____.
Watching a movie, drinking red wine (Malbec, our favorite) and eating a home cooked meal.

Who would you cast to play your future hubby in a movie?
Idris Elba.

Complete this sentence: I love that my future husband is _____.
A Christian man who takes charge and leads.

Fill in the Blank: I think he chose to marry me because _____.
Not because I am perfect, but because he sees past my imperfections and can love me in spite of them.

What kind of ring did he give you?
He got me a round diamond with round halo. It’s a very vintage style ring.

Photos: Kimberly Chau Photography