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Just Engaged: Jacquelyn and Michael's Engagement Story

With a little help from a friend playing Cupid, former Morgan State University classmates Jacquelyn and Michael went from being playful nemeses to happy lovers and now newlyweds-to-be.

The Lucky Lady: Jacquelyn Kennedy, 25, Personal Banker

Her Leading Man: Michael Key, Jr., 27, Financial Analyst 

The Big Day: December 13, 2014

Wedding Location: Washington, D.C.

How did you meet your man?
We met at Morgan State University. We were initially introduced through mutual friends on the day I moved in as a freshman.

Were you looking for love at the time?
After my last breakup, I swore I was going to enjoy college and not get into a serious relationship. Needless to say, God had another plan.

What do you two do together for fun on weekends?
We love to have friends over to our house for food and drinks. Since we’re saving for the wedding, we’ve been looking for the most cost efficient ways to have fun. On Sundays, we go to 8 a.m. mass and then we try different places to eat brunch. 

Weirdest date you’ve ever been on?
Our first date was the weirdest one for me. We went to IHop with the friends that introduced us and they were two hours late picking us up. When we got to the restaurant Michael sat on my left side, which made eating tough because he’s right handed and I’m left handed so we kept bumping elbows. After dinner we went back to his friend’s room to watch ATL but apparently Michael couldn’t see anything because he had his glasses broken while at a skate party the night before. However, the night did end with our first kiss.

How did he pop the question?
While we were on a trip with friends to Miami. Everything seemed normal, however, we all discovered very quickly that the food on the strip was horrible. The bad food took the attention off of Michael not eating and being in the bathroom so much. We went to brunch one morning, then afterwards we went back to our room before hitting the beach. When we got to the room we realized that neither of us had our key. I started patting his pockets trying to make sure he didn’t have his and he kind of pushed me away. Once we got in, got to the beach and met up with our friends, Michael said we all needed to get a picture together. (They all knew the real reason we were there.) He began to pour his heart out and I finally started to realize what was actually happening. He got down on one knee in the hot sand and asked me to marry him. I still don’t remember if I actually said “yes” or not, but he got the point.

Photos: Drue Thorton