Bride-To-Be: Brittany Aleese Herman, 23, recent grad
Groom-To-Be: Keith Langford, 27, pro athlete
Wedding Date: August 6, 2011

Wedding Theme: Contemporary Villa Wedding

Mother Knows Best
Keith and Brittany’s parents were from the same small town. Keith’s mom attended Brittany’s uncle’s wedding and spotted a very pretty bridesmaid standing at the altar. That bridesmaid was Brittany. Just a few weeks later, when Keith was hanging out with his mom and she saw him point out a beautiful woman in a magazine ad he liked. His mom told him she had seen a woman last week that was much prettier and asked if he wanted her to introduce them. Of course he said yes. Keith’s mom called Brittany’s mom to setup a meeting for their children.

“It’s funny when I think back on it because my mom and I thought she was crazy,” says Brittany. “We laughed and I really didn’t think much else about it, that is, until I saw him for myself!”

Both Brittany and Keith were a little apprehensive but they agreed to meet up at a relative’s house in a nearby small Texas town. They’re lucky they did, because they hit it off famously.

“Thanks, Mrs. Charlene,’” says Brittany as she recalls her gratitude to his mom for knowing they’d be right for each other.

Russian Romance
Five years after their big match-up, Keith knew he’d found The One and made big proposal plans for Brittany. They were overseas together while he played international basketball. The plan was to propose after one of his big games. After his team won, he would pop the question afterward in the stands. He’d thought of everything. There would be pictures showing, music playing; the full package. There was just one little problem. They didn’t win the game. Mood killer!

“I just remember feeling that winning or losing a game does not dictate the fact that I wanted to marry Brittany,” says Keith. “So I kept our restaurant reservations and told my friends that I made a small revision, but the plan was still on.”

They went to dinner at the Kalina Bar on the 21st floor of a building overlooking downtown Moscow. He popped the questions while down on one knee and his friends snapped lots of photos.

“I was overwhelmed,” says Brittany. “I cried, said yes, and hugged him like crazy. I couldn’t believe he did it.”

Photography By: Ivy Weddings