Bride-to-Be: Ekecia M. Grayson, 32, Attorney

Groom to Be: Dwayne L. Taylor, 43, State Representative, Writer & Film Producer

To Be Married On: May 19, 2012

A Vision of Love
On March 4, 2010 Ekecia Grayson headed to the Capitol Building in her town. She was there for AKA Day, and had arrived for a memorable day with her sorors. Unbeknownst to her, a handsome stranger had been scoping her out from across the room. His name was Dwayne Taylor, and as he stepped off the elevator, one glance at Ekecia rendered him speechless. After a few introductions, Dwayne pulled Ekecia to the side and asked her out to dinner. It was the perfect beginning of a beautiful love story.

“After a few conversations via phone over the course of a week, Dwayne and I had our first date over lunch,” Ekecia shares. “We enjoyed that lunch date so much that we made plans to have dinner together that evening. We met for dinner and a movie that evening and have been together ever since.”

With a shared interest that went way beyond the physical, the couple began fervently dating each other, taking a cruise, and traveling to New York and L.A. With each date, memories were created, and love was formed.

He knew she was The One.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Most women dream of an over the top proposal right out of a romantic movie, but Ekecia actually experienced one. It was Saturday May 7, 2011 and the couple had a movie date planned. But when they showed up to the theater, Ekecia got the surprise of a lifetime.

“Dwayne rented out a private upscale theater for just us two,” she recalls. “He created a movie using photographs and videos he’d recorded of us over the courtship. Some of the films I didn’t even know he had recorded! The film ended with the words, ‘Will You Marry Me’. Dwayne got down on one knee and proposed with a beautiful ring.”

Ekecia immediately said ‘yes’ and broke out in tears of joy, as friend and family showed up to celebrate with them. Not only had Dwayne planned the perfect proposal, but their engagement party too. Everyone stayed with the couple and helped them celebrate with food and drinks that night. It was a proposal worthy of the big screen for sure.

Congratulations Ekecia and Dwayne!

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