Bride-to-Be: Crystal Nicole Connally, 30, Senior Manager

Groom-to-Be: Ken Slaughter, 30, Territory Business Manager

Wedding Date: May 11, 2012

Vision of Love
Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time. Crystal was visiting Atlanta for her nephew’s birthday party, while Ken was in town for his alma mater’s football game. It was just a regular night on the Atlanta club scene, when Crystal and her line sister decided to head to Visions Nightclub. Crystal, who was used to the tired conversations men usually offer up in the club, was drawn to a mysterious stranger and his delightful conversation. His name was Ken, and something about him was, well, different. They looked in each other’s eyes and sparks flew.

“He was very distinct, very polished,” Crystal remembers. “I thought his approach was uncommon as he took a route very different than other men that one might meet. Ken was interested in getting to know me seriously. I could tell by the penetrating questions he asked. He was attractive. He had a smile worth a million bucks, plus, he was charming. I was interested.”

And so was he. From then on, they talked every night on the phone for hours on end and eventually ended up on their first date at the Whiskey Bar in Chicago, a quaint spot with a great ambiance. It was love at first (and second) sight. But only one thing stood between them: distance. Crystal lived in Cincinnati, while Ken lived in Atlanta. For three years, they traveled back and forth to see each other, and often took trips out of the country together.

But with time, it was clear to Ken that Crystal was “the one.”

“What really made it readily apparent was when she sacrificed and moved to Atlanta for the sake of our relationship.” Ken remembers. “Given all the preaching I had done about sacrificing in the context of a relationship, that was monumental! She already had all the ingredients [of a perfect woman], but that was the cherry on top.”

A Perfect Proposal
One morning Ken woke up Crystal and told her to be ready in 30 minutes. She jumped up and got dressed, and he showed up at her door. Forty-five minutes later, they had checked into a beautiful resort and headed for the spa. Crystal was already in heaven. She had no idea just how much better things would get — and fast.

“I walked around a bit before changing into my robe. I saw beautiful waterfall, there was a sunken Jacuzzi in the middle of the waiting area, fresh snacks and that minty soothing spa smell. He was right… I would end up loving this place.”

The two indulged in a full body massage for the next hour before they headed for a wine tasting. After that, Ken led her on a walk of the resort property. Their moment had come. As Crystal took in the scenery, Ken stopped her, got down on one knee, and said the words that changed her life, “He who findeth a wife, findeth a good thing and inherits favor from the Lord.” And with that, Ken asked Crystal to marry him!

A flattered Crystal beamed with joy as he placed a beautiful ring on her finger.

Check out the couple’s lovely engagement photos now.

Photos: Milanes Photography
Wedding Planner: ellyB Events

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