Bride-to-Be: Christina A. Guice, 27, Physician Assistant Student at Mercer University

Groom-to-Be: Jeremy L. York, 28, Energy Engineer

To Be Married On: May 27, 2012

High School Crush
Christina and Jeremy grew up in Mobile, Alabama and have known each other since their early high school days. Back then, they ran in different circles, but were familiar with each other. To her, he was just “Jeremy York, the football player at Blount High,” and to him, she was “short little pretty Christina at LeFlore High.”  Jeremy admits he was smitten with Christina even then. “She had my interest back then,” he tells us. “I always wanted to know her better.”

The College Years
Both Christina and Jeremy went off their separate ways after high school, but wound up face-to-face again during a college football game. She was a freshman at Auburn University and he was a sophomore at Tuskegee University, which was just 15 miles down the road.  He asked her for her number, and they shared one or two phone conversations afterwards, though ultimately their timing still wasn’t quite right. “I liked Jeremy and thought he was a cute nice guy,” says Christina. “It’s just he was from my hometown and at the time I was more intrigued by making new friends.”

Even though they’d never actually dated, Christina and Jeremy remained Facebook friends and he admits, she was always on his mind.  After graduation, Christina relocated to Texas and Jeremy took a job in Birmingham. It would seem that their chances of connecting were over, but Jeremy refused to give up. Whenever he bumped into her old friends, he asked them about her, and eventually the messages made it back to Christina. That’s why when she saw him at an after-party during Magic City Classic weekend she decided to give him one more chance to tell her how he really felt. “I thought to myself, this time I’m not going to let her slip away,” recalls Jeremy. “I called her the very next night and we stayed on the phone for three hours. Two weeks later, I asked her to be with me.”

In Honor of Us
Jeremy proposed to Christina on bended knee in front of her closest friends during a private Christmas Ever party he threw just for her. She thought she was attending her friend’s father’s birthday party, but arrived to find out that the occasion was all about her. Congrats Christina and Jeremy!

Photos: Milanes Photography
Event Planning: ellyB Events

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