Bride-to-be: Chinyelum “Chi-Chi” Umejei

Groom-to-be: Ifeanyi Olele

To Be Married On: November 26, 2011

Computer Love
Chi-Chi and Ifeanyi met over the web. Actually, in an unusual encounter, Chi-Chi and Ifeanyi friended each other on Facebook.

He asked for her number. She conceded. And the rest, as the cliche goes, is history.

For their first date, he took her to Johnny Carino’s, where they lovingly shared dinner and conversation. Relieved that they had some of the same interests and similar personalities, Ifeanyi began ferociously courting her, taking her to a Philadelphia 76ers game, and walking along the waterfront behind Hampton University where they both were students at the time.

She knew he was the one.

“He encouraged me at times of frustration during pharmacy school,” says Chi-Chi, “And treated my family as his own.”

After dating for months, the relationship took an unexpected turn when Ifeanyi moved to Philadelphia for medical school, and Chi-Chi got a job offer in Arizona. But the couple kept the relationship fresh, even being so far apart. Phone conversations kept their relationship exciting, and ultimately, they became the best of friends.

Perfect Proposal
When Ifeanyi visited Chi Chi, she wasn’t expecting a proposal. So when he placed a computer in front of her and asked her what it meant to her, she wasn’t expecting such a big surprise.

“He took me to different stations in the house that he created depicting our lives over the years.” Chi-Chi starts, “When we finally got to the final station, he told me to close my eyes. Then, when he had me open them, he was on one knee with the ring box open.”

All Chi-Chi could do was scream with joy!


Photos by Keith Cephus Photography

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