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Just Engaged: Alia and Aaron

Alia and Aaron's college buddies insisted they would be a "great match," and they were right.
Bride-to-Be: Alia Williams, 32, HRIS Consultant
Groom-to-Be: Aaron Jackson, 34, Sales Manager
To Be Married On: August, 26, 2012

How’d you snag your man?
“Coerced by the willful persistence of college friends who insisted we would be a great match, we exchanged telephone numbers and began blind dating by telephone. The friendship began slowly and progressed into a fond admiration over the next six months. Each day, every conversation brought us closer, opening our eyes to the fact we were no longer merely friends. Once the conversations, text messages and pictures no longer sufficed, we opted to connect face-to-face, praying for a true love connection. From the moment we gazed upon one another on that warm summer night in Atlanta, we gained an instant foothold; we never let go, and never looked back.”

What was your first date like?
“I flew to Atlanta to spend the weekend with Aaron. He picked me up from the airport, which was very nerve-racking because it was the first time we’d met face to face. We went to an intimate lounge downtown, where we enjoyed dinner, spent time talking and laughing. It was a great first date! After that first weekend together, we knew our lives would change for the better.”

Aaron, when did you know Alia was ‘the one’?
“I knew that she was the one after our first vacation with my family. Watching how she interacted with everyone made me realize more how special she was — inside and out. We had an entire week of laughter, good times, and many funny stories that I’m certain we’ll tell in the years to come. They all loved her as much as I did and agreed that she would be a great addition to our clan. I knew that I would be insane to let such a prize like her slip away. She was everything that I ever wanted and more.”

What’s a typical date night like?
“Barbecuing at home, watching movies, going for walks, or visiting new restaurants in and around Atlanta. We also have competitive bowl-offs and love spending time with friends.”

How did he pop the question?
“While at home enjoying a quiet evening watching football. During halftime, Aaron got down on one knee, told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me; he asked if I would marry him.”

Did you scream or cry, or both?
“My heart was racing and I was so excited that it was finally happening! I thought that he was going to plan something out, but because I had been so suspicious lately, I would have known that he was doing it before he even got the words out. I’m glad that he surprised me at home when I was least expecting it. I did have a clue that it was coming. We had recently been ring shopping, which gave him an idea of what ring styles I liked. Most men don’t take you ring shopping to pass the time; they are usually ready to make a real commitment.”

Join us in celebrating Alia and Aaron’s Black love!

Photos: Taun Henderson Photography