When you saw Jidenna’s name trending this morning, you might have assumed it was because of new music he just released or (while hoping it wasn’t true) because of some controversial statement or tweet he put out. But alas, Jidenna is one everyone’s minds for one simple reason: simply because he’s fine as heck.

The Nigerian-American artist is most appreciated for hits like “Classic Man” and “Bambi.” Today, he had tongues wagging when he swapped his usual tailored suits and slicked down mane for a more buff and rugged look. An Instagram photo of him wearing a sleeveless t-shirt showing his muscled physique and tribal arm tattoo had the ladies doing a double-take.

If his recent photos are any indication, it seems Mr. Classic Man is switching up his look a bit by slowing but surely giving us “zaddy” vibes.

Model mode for sure!

Tons of Twitter ladies revealed they were “today years old” when they found out Jidenna was high-key a snack.

Others found this to be old news, because they’ve always known how fine Jidenna is.

Either way, the timing feels right to celebrate Jidenna is all his handsome glory. Scroll through the gallery for our favorite Jidenna eye candy moments.


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