Jidenna Made Us Look Twice With This Sexy Photo
Manny Carabel

Jidenna has mastered the art of fitted suits. The Nigerian-American is known for being a “classic man” in three-piece looks, but in a surprisingly delightful Twitter post, he shared his revamped fall look.

The 32-year-old simply tweeted “#FirstDayOfFall” with a photo of himself wearing a fitted baseball hat and button up. Immediately, fans shared the photo noting how good he looked and surprised at how a simple change of attire upgraded his sexy.




Currently Jidenna is on his  Long Live the Chief Tour performing songs from his debut album, The Chief. He also recently spoke about his experience coming to America from Nigeria to the Constituency for Africa. 

The evolution of the African image. #RHBSERIES17

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“On my first day of school I was called an African ni–a and was punched in my belly… they laughed at me,” he said. 

“Now when I walk into a room or I’m walking the red carpet with other rappers, and I may wear traditional outfits, and it’s actually cool. It’s amazing to go from an African booty scratcher to our records being No. 1 on the radio and Billboard charts.”

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