Jada Pinkett Smith Just Gave A Word on Love and Your First Heartbreak

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Everyone knows Jada Pinkett Smith is good for a sermon, and today is no different.

Everyone knows Jada Pinkett Smith is good for a sermon, and today is no different.

On Instagram the actress gave a good word on heartbreak and how it shapes our expectations around love. Pinkett revealed that her first heartbreak was caused by her father at the age of 7-years-old, but as time went on she realized that it was not her father or other people who were breaking her heart, it was her false beliefs around love.

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“For me my first heartbreak was from my father at 7-years old, and then many people and circumstances on top of that disappointed me and broke my heart. And it wasn’t until I developed a really strong relationship with a higher power that my brokenness and my heartbreak could be healed. But it also made me realize that people don’t break my heart. It’s my false beliefs around love and my unrealistic expectations of people that break my heart.”

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Often times we expect people we love to heal our broken hearts. When we realize our loved ones can’t heal our brokenness (for they are broken too) … we often feel deeply disappointed and/or have feelings of being betrayed even. We can also spend a lot of time punishing people and having deep resentment  towards our loved ones for not behaving in a certain manner that makes our wounded hearts feel good … all day, everyday. When I realized I’m the only one responsible for my pain, even if it’s someone else’s fault, I was really angry with the Higher Power because “I” felt entitled to everyone’s best behavior and love. When I finally found some humility and got over myself and surrendered to that Power that is far higher then “I” and do the work to be for myself what I was demanding everyone else to be FOR me … I was able to find the Kingdom within and every bit of love and healing I had been looking for all along. Here’s to the journey✨ . Book: Love Without Conditions by Paul Ferrini . T-shirt www.charitystars.com/ricky #ALLIN4PR @ricky_martin Don’t forget Puerto Rico. Our brothers and sisters still need us❤️

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The 46-year-old credits that strong relationship with a higher power with putting her on a beautiful path, one that undoubtedly led her to find love with her husband and actor Will Smith for the last 21 years. Pinkett ended her message by challenging followers to think back to their first heartbreak and how it shaped their lives.

Do you remember your first heartbreak?