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Is a Romance With a Coworker Off-Limits?

Michael Eric Dyson breaks it down

Even though a surprising number of office romances end in marriage, I believe business and pleasure need to be kept separate. Here’s why: Mixing the two can compromise your ability to make good decisions. Imagine that a difficult choice must be made at work. Are you ultimately more obligated to your lover or the company? Combine that with one of you having more power over the other in the office, and you’ve got a situation that likely spells doom. If you are already involved in an office romance, make sure your partner isn’t married or otherwise engaged and just using you as a nine-to- five plaything while he saves the real romance for his true love. Also make certain that you both understand the risk of dating someone at your daily grind: Your personal problems may interfere with your professional life, creating a potentially dangerous liaison and, ultimately, a very uncomfortable situation.


In an essence.com poll, 65% of respondents admitted to hooking up with a man at their job Visit essence.com for more reader polls.