Interracial Couple Emojis Are Finally Here
Courtesy of Focus Features

Thanks to the upcoming film Loving, the story of Richard and Mildred Loving – an interracial couple who fought for their right to be recognized as a married couple in the state of Virginia in the 1967 US Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia – emojis are now that much more inclusive!

Focus Features announced the launch of the new app, Love-Moji, on Tuesday in anticipation of the upcoming film which opens in select cities November 4th and will expand across the US later in November.

The emojis include interracial, straight and LGBTQ couples to depict the inclusivity of love, and are available both on the App Store and

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Twitter has also joined in on the love, celebrating the upcoming film with hashtags #VoteLoving, #ThisIsLoving and #LovingMovie which populate an emoji of Richard and Mildred Loving because love won!